The Diaconate Board shall welcome new members to The Federated Church at a communion service or at such other times as the Board deem suitable.
New members are enrolled as members of the Federated Church of Sturbridge and Fiskdale, Incorporated.  Members added may choose in which society they shall be enrolled, American Baptist, United Church of Christ, Unitarian Universalists or Federated, or become members without affiliation. New members of the Federated Church shall be persons who have been received by vote of the Diaconate Board:
A. On presentation of satisfactory letters of transfer from other churches,

B. By reaffirmation of faith, or
C. On profession of faith and baptism,, unless exempt because of conviction.

– All questions regarding the Sacrament of Baptism shall be left to the conscience of the individual member.  The pastor may, if s/he chooses, secure the services of any ordained clergy to administer the rite in the desired manner.

Duties – Members shall agree as far as possible and conforming to the dictates of their own consciences:
A. To undertake the faithful practice of the principles of Christian living, seeking always a closer personal fellowship with God and with other people.

B. To seek out personal opportunities for spiritual growth.
C. To attend the services of worship regularly, realizing that their presence strengthens, and their absence weakens, the whole fellowship.
D. To set aside a reasonable portion of their financial income, in gratitude to God, as a contribution toward the mission of The Federated Church.
E. To volunteer their time and talents in some definite form of service to others.