Religious Education

Religious education at the Federated Church of Sturbridge and Fiskdale is built around a model that seeks to influence daily faith formation practices, according to Director of Christian Education, Jeanne Westcott. “Our goal is to provide children with information that they can put into practice in their daily lives. Our program is all about having faith, speaking your faith and acting on your faith.”

Students leave the Sunday service three times each month to attend an open classroom with lessons followed by skill-based activities that the children decide on themselves. We are working toward an intergenerational model that encourages the children to observe adults engaged in learning and sharing the experience of how they feel about the scripture and the Pastor’s message.

“Each year our youth group completes a 30-hour fast so that they might better understand how it feels to be hungry, to be poor, to be homeless,” says Westcott. “Then, on Famine Sunday, the students take over the sermon and talk about what they’ve just experienced.” An annual retreat provides older students with a series of inspirational activities, speakers and fellowship.

Every summer, Vacation Bible School offers a week-long program that provides our students with theme-based activities that promote a strong sense of community and acceptance. It is a joy-filled week of fun activities.

Our religious education program includes a Standing Faith Formation Committee,  a Christian Education Board and an Adult Education program. We also offer an annual confirmation class when students become eligible.