Women’s Group – Koinonia

Koinonia, a word that appears in several forms in the New testament, most often refers to fellowship. This word of Greek origin suggests a sense of partnership, sharing, companionship, and philanthropic service.

Koinonia’s purpose and mission are to:
• Serve the cause of Christ
• Promote fellowship among the women of the church and the community
• Provide spiritual education through speakers, movies, trips, and other activities that broaden and deepen our experiential awareness
• Serve the church in every facet

Koinonia meets monthly, usually on a Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. (Dates and times are subject to change with reminders sent out in an email and in Sunday bulletins.) Refreshments are served.

All members and friends of the Federated Church are welcome to attend any and all meetings of Koinonia. Sharing your company will enrich us all.

President: Janet Rae-Sinanian
Vice President: Nancy Castendyk
Treasurer: Diane Bardsley
Cheer: Susie Schwartz
Secret Sisters: Pat Jeffries
Education Award: Lucette Favreau

Upcoming Meetings: